Alberto Polo: Love Life, 28.9. — 7.12.2019

»Love Life« is an emotional map full of places, people, encounters and experiences that blend forming a trip. It is at that point when the images end up having meaning as a whole, like an album of memories.
This is ultimately a document, subjective, personal, full of symbols and winks to the most intimate inner world, sensitive, full of humor, sexuality and vitality, with lights and shadows in equal parts, as usually life is presented. Images shot in different areas of the personal life; the familiar, the emotional relationships, or the merely incidental encounters, everything fits, because they are all chapters of one's life. That’s the reason, a dialogue is deliberately sought between images through analogy, symbology, geometry, textures, etc., which does nothing but stimulate the readings and meanings within the images.

Originally published as a photobook, »Love Life«, was born and grew from the interest to face those experiences, those images and create diptychs and bringing them to the pages of the book, and in that sort of game, there are images that have created such a link between them that can be said they are almost inseparable.
Anyway, the project continues to grow, both with images that did not reach the pages of the first edition of the book in its day, and with new images, which are part of this exhibition and also within the pages of the new »Love Life #2« that it is presented at Mojäk Galerie for the very first time.