David Grigoryan: /Ephemeral moments/Odessa/Photography/, 14.12. — 29.2.2020

David Grigoryan was born in 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgia and moved to Odessa, Ukraine at the age of six. His family left Georgia because of the war. He picked up the camera when he was sixteen and has not put it down for more than a decade since, and does not plan to. “Since the word photography literally means “written by light”, I would not want to describe my photographs or come up with concepts. For me, photography is a way to stop and arrange a time. All photos have unique, unexpected and ephemeral moments that hold me in the photography. These are exactly the moments I collect with a camera and film. The photographs presented at the exhibition are a small selection of uniquely successful moments on the streets of Odessa in 2018.”