Vitaly Tsarenkov alias SY: Walk after dark, 14.3. — 30.9.2020

Vitaly Tsarenkov, also known under the alias SY, works in the field of contemporary art and street art. The artist creates paintings, murals and sculptures. He started his artistic career with graffiti and later came to studio work and exhibition activity. The artist's visual language is influenced by the aesthetics of 8-bit console video games, the revolutio­nary Russian avant-garde and engineering drawings. Vivid colors, clear-cut straight lines, and highly simplified geometric forms characterize his recognizable style. Contentwise Tsarenkov's main interest lies in studying man's relations to other people and the world surroun­ding him. He explores these correlations through social, political, mental and metaphysical aspects. Vitaly Tsarenkov works are exhibited internationally and published in large publishing projects, such as the two editions of the photo-almanac about the Russian street art scene. The artist's works are held in private collections in Russia, France and Morocco. Besides the presentation of Tsarenkov's work in the interior space, he will also create a largescale mural on the exterior facade of the Mojäk Galerie.